Artist Spotlight: Vladyaki

Ukranian DJ Vladyaki talks about life before and after the war

You recently moved from Ukraine. Tell us a little more about what you did before coming to Berlin.

What can I say about myself? I've been a DJ for more than 12 years in Ukraine. I toured a lot with a schedule made for almost a year ahead, but the war changed things and now I'm actively involved in what I can do for the country. It was my dream to play in Berlin and I'm glad I did but it's a pity it came at such a price. For my start in Germany I am very grateful to my friends, German djs - Marc DePulse and Daniele Di Martino, who supported me and gave me many contacts so that I can work here.

How is Berlin treating you?

Even long before I went to Berlin I read a lot of books about Berlin and the Berlin music scene, one of them was the book Berlin, Techno and Easyjet (forget about the sound) and I knew what I could expect from the electronic scene of this city. It wasn’t hard for me to start playing here, but I can definitely say that this city has a unique musical vibe! I’ve made a lot of friends in the club industry and a lot of new fans of my music.

How do you describe your sound and style?

My style of music can be described as a mixture of my emotions lived out over the years. I improvise in every set that’s why every one of them is unique. But my musical preference is indie dance