Artist Spotlight: Tomasz Guiddo

Rave the Planet member, Tomasz Guiddo, has much more going on than you would think

You were a guitar prodigy plus multi-instrumentalist growing up with jazz and flamenco as influences. You then moved to electronic music. Is that why you have a diverse sound? How do you decide what to play in a set?

Yes, all my DJ sets are mostly improvised and very eclectic. I never know which tracks in which order I'm gonna play beforehand. I listen to so much diverse music, and I want to celebrate it and experiment with it. I always enjoyed it when other DJs did it and mixed multiple genres together within one set. If done properly, it's so much more interesting. I like to be surprised and hear stuff I've never heard before in a combination I wouldn't think of myself. And you really have to be flexible when you play long (all night) sets.

You have a Masters in Cultural Studies. How did you decide to do that and how has that influenced your life and music?

At that time, it just felt more natural to me to choose studies that would inspire me and help me to develop and enrich my personality. I chose what seemed most interesting to me and not necessarily what would secure my future. The most useful courses included there were probably Social Psychology, Visual Arts and Journalism.

What do you love doing besides music?

I'm also a photographer. I only shoot with film and I'm keeping it a hobby. I never wanted to make it turn into a job with all the pressure and expectations that would come with it. I really like shooting analogue photos, especially portraits, and I always leave it without retouching; all filters and special effects have to happen in front of the lens during the shoot and not in software. It's more unique, unpredictable, and satisfying this way.

Tomasz Guiddo will be performing on 29th June, 2023, at Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin. Check out the full lineup in our Events page.