Artist Spotlight: Franz Matthews

Berlin-based producer and live act, Franz Matthews, describes his influences

How would you describe your sound and style?

Beatport tells me that I fit in the Indie Dance category. But besides being pinned in this genre, it really depends of the tracks I do in the end, but if I had to use other keywords, I'd say : groovy, heady, spiritual, alternative, and cosmic, with the aim to bring a positive mantra to the person who will come across my music.

Tell us a little more about how you got into music and your musical journey.

Growing up listening to mainly rock and funk from the 70's and 80's definitely played an important role. For the spiritual part, I got into it through my "side job", as I was (and still am) recording meditations for a meditation app. When I went through a hard moment in my life, I decided to dig deeper into it, and when I felt the positive impact it had on me, I slowly decided to infuse my music with it, in order to spread the godly message to others, so to say!

I learned piano and guitar at a young age, and kept on doing and breathing music through all the rest of my life. My first "serious" musical experience was my first band 'Parlez-vous anglais?' that I formed while I was still living in Paris. When I moved to Berlin 10 years ago : I kept on doing it, developing other musical projects, started making music my main "job" by producing music for various projects, and of course working on my main artistic project now in the name of Franz Matthews :)

So where are you from and what's your real name and how did you choose the name Franz Matthews?

I grew up in St Brieuc, Brittany, France, from a German mother and French father. My real name is Matthieu, but I chose Franz as it is my 3rd name. For the choice of my last name, I think I liked the idea of having a name mixing different backgrounds and identities, being also a fan of the French artist Rubin Steiner, I liked the fact that he used a foreign name, so I think he also kind of inspired me on this one, thanks Rubin.

Franz Matthews next event in Berlin is in August, 2023. Our events page will be updated after the details are finalised.