Artist Spotlight: Joe Lewandowski

Joe Lewandowski grew-up listening to both rock and house music. After years of grinding his teeth as a rock guitarist, he started mixing in New York raves and clubs. Today he blends rock and electronic music.

Joe lewandowski grew-up listening to both rock and house music. After years of grinding his teeth as a rock guitarist, he started mixing in New York raves and clubs. Once back in France, Joe followed that promise and got involved in local underground scene: initially with Le Pas-Sage and later with White Label Radio and Madman Regent. Through these events, Joe always stood for creating alternative, open-minded and safe spaces for (re)creation. This commitment is also present in Joe's work as art director of Pamela, an inclusive and alternative club in Paris. Meanwhile, Joe has made a name for himself in the Parisian scene. 

His sets can veer seamlessly between pumping techno, deep house merged with unexpected treasures. Thanks to his open-ended philosophy, he became one of resident of Garage club and he is now equally invited for raves, festivals and clubs all over the world.

When he's not behind a DJ booth, Joe Lewandowski is also a promising and prolific artist. He has released a wide array of music, from disco edits, to house or techno, both on well-established labels like Skylax, Hard Fist, Kitsune or rising ones like AMSEM, with always a distinctive sound signature, rock driven rhythms mixed with psychedelic textures.

As an accomplished musician, he plays himself all the guitar and bass parts of his tracks and for his live. Recently, Joe has attracted a wider recognition and has been remixed by Lauer, Kasper Bjorke or Shubostar.

Here's an excerpt from a chat we had.

You started off playing in rock bands as a kid, then moved to electronic music and DJing, and in recent times you've been doing more live shows blending all of them. Please describe some of those pivotal moments in your evolution as a musician and what inspired you to take those steps.

I had a musical upbringing thanks to my two brothers—one was a fan of electronic music and the other was into rock. Naturally, I developed a love for both genres. However, I used to think of them as two separate worlds until 2007. That year, I was fortunate enough to witness Daft Punk's live performance of the Pyramid show, and it was a game-changer for me. It also marked the rise of Justice, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, and others. The music and the incredible energy during those sets made me realize that it was possible to blend rock and electronic music together.

You also have a creative outlet as an art director at Pamela Club. Please tell us more about what you do there and what your goals are.

Working as an artistic director is akin to working on a musical project. It 's all about crafting an artistic endeavor that is deeply personal and yet has the ability to resonate with your audience.

What else do you love doing besides music?

I love cooking ! I received a set of homemade spice sauces from a French brand called Martin Hot Sauce. He told me he loved my music so he sent some of his own unique blends to my place. I'm looking forward to cook with them haha.